You may or not believe this, but Saturday night I got a tattoo. It’s my daughter’s name, and it’s on my left arm, just below the shoulder. Ok, so what possesed me to do such a thing? Let me tell you, this was no spur of the moment thing. Meg and I had discussed this for quite some time.

Meg had asked me to get her name a while back and I was still very anti-tattoo at the time. But just like Meg said on Saturday, w/ J in our lives, we know love like nothing else, and I can never get enough of her. Now I’ll carry her along with me all the time, and not just in my heart, but on my person too.

I would imagine that at this point, you’d like to see it, so here’s a pic:


I kinda think it looks a little East L.A., but that’s part of it’s charm.

Yes, I did show my pussy side. It didn’t hurst as much as I had anticipated, but for some reason, I got very light headed, and Meg said I was white as a ghost. The dude doing piercing said, “Todd, you better check your boy in the chair.” I did come close to loosing it when the piercer took out a banana. I had Meg make sure he didn’t eat it.

I didn’t get much sleep and the next moring when I removed the bandage, I was sick to my stomach all over again. Safe to say, I’m fine now. The artist’s, and I mean artist, name is Todd Vargas. Some of his work can be found here. Him and I are going to discuss his own site. My sister lived the prerequesit number of years in the East Village to design in the dark. If you can imagine, it took him longer to draw it out, then to actually do the tattoo.

Meg and I were pretty insistant that we didn’t want any canned stencil. I want to be able to say, this is a Todd Vargas, not some anonymous picture on the wall artist. BTW, Todd came as a recommendation from Tyson. Tyson must be in LA because his cars are covered. I’ll show it to him when he gets back.