Boy, things have been busy at work. I’m developing my first full scale .net application. It’s chock full of .net keywords, such as Strongly Typed DataSets, Remoting, Windows Services, Imaging, to name a few. Thank goodness I can find help on the #C# channel on EfNet. The conversion volume tends to ebb and flow, so I can usually ask or answer a question each time I switch to my IRC client.

Why does DeviantArt have to be so slow. I’m thinking of asking them if they’d like a mirror. I made a cool background w/ Tux and I want to upload it, but I used another “Deviant’s” work, so I need to give him credit, but finding it is painful to say the least. I mean I do understand that it is a free service, but if your going to provide a service, provide the service. Urgh! It’s killing me.

Brain Dump Complete. 🙂