I have discovered true phatness in web browsers. I use a potpourri of web browsers from Mozilla 1.0 to IE 6.0, but not Netscape (Nut-Scrape) because A., It’s shit, and B., I hate Mark Andreson. Oh, and don’t forget Opera too.

Well, while WanderLust‘ing, I came across a site that mentioned what browsers it looked good in. One of the browsers listed was Crazy Browser. This thing is the shit.

Long story short, Crazy Browser is a freewar web browser based on IE for the Windows platform. The developers subclassed, BHO’ed, and wrapped the shit out of IE. Therefore, with IE as the core, it’s still the same rendering engine that you would have if you had just launched a naked IE. Ok, so why do you want IE on ‘roids? Three reasons: features, features, features!

The first and foremost feature that I like is tabbed windows. This is the same as Opera and Moz 1.0. When I’m doing hardcore development work, I tend to have a large number of IE windows running, so to be able to consolidate then into one MDI interface is extremely handy. You can also lock tabs and then close unlocked ones when things start to get really busy.

Continueing with cool features, Crazy Browser has autocompletion in the address bar. For example, if I type “chocolate” and then hit Alt-Enter, the next thing I know, I’m at http://www.google.com/search?q=chocolate. This particular feature is what allowed me to use the browser, because there’s no support for the Google Toolbar, and everyone knows how I feel about the GT!

Crazy Browser also has intelligent Popup Blocking. I’m assuming it works, but I can’t be too sure. Some other features include starting the browser where you left off and language translation proxy support.

The current release version is 1.0.5, which was released on 4/4/2002. According to the FAQ at the Crazy Browser site, a new version is expected sometime around September or October. As with any other browser on the market, I suggest that you try them all. Lotsa browsers for lotsa folks.