So, after the problems with DreamHost last week, I decided to leave. I signed up with C I Host. The sales rep, Marla, was everywhere but on the sales call with me. I had to call her attention back to the phone call numerous times. As a result of her not paying attention, MySQL databases weren’t setup properly, and virual domains were missing from the account. To make matters worse, when I spoke to Emmanueln from tech support, he had no clue. In fact, this dude sounded like he was heavily medicated.

I called them up this morning to cancel my account. I was quite suprised to find that Matt, in customer retention, made no attempt whatsoever to keep my business. These guys must be very content in their sales numbers to just kiss a brand new customer goodbye, without trying to do right by me.

In the process of cancelling my account, they started in with this bullshit about how it is their policy not to refund setup and add-on charges. I was told that since the account had been setup, and I received login info, that I was on the hook. My argument is that it was never setup as per my request, so therefore I should get all of my money back. I just spoke with American Express to have them go after my money. They told me that I need to wait until the charge appears on my statement. I think I’m going to see if Meg’s friend Cortney can write a letter (she’s an attorney specializing in technology, and she got me out of my SDSL contract) on my behalf.

My advice, open your own datacenter. Oh, and by the way, I’m staying with DreamHost.

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