In celebration of my 30th birthday (today!), I put together another Lego model. It’s R2D2 from their Star Wars collection. When I was a kid, you couldn’t pull me away from my Lego’s, and now that I spend time in the toy section for Jordyn, I see the sets all the time.

Today I finally broke down and started (note started) to buy new sets for myself. I’m sure I’ll get some loot for my b-day, and I think that it’s going toward the Lego 4X4 Off-Roader. Lego started calling this series Technic a few years back. This would be the analog to the Expert Builders series from when I was a kid. I do have to say that they have some really cool sets.

So, while cruising around the Technic site, I found the SuperCar. Wouldn’t ya know it, not available! So, while speaking with a rep. from Lego direct on the phone, she recommended the Silver Champion. Though, after clicking around, I eventually came across the Imperial Star Destroyer. This thing is over 3 feet long! It’s $269 until the end of the year, and then it goes to $299. I think that this will be my project for the beginning of 2003.

Oh, BTW, here is a pic of R2: