DaveBBitton: micro ATX?
Nathan: oui
Nathan: I would have ordered my new system in that, except I want 2 drives
DaveBBitton: looks to asian
DaveBBitton: crappy asian
Nathan: :P~
DaveBBitton: the Cubit is European Style baby!
DaveBBitton: Yeah Baby!
Nathan: it’s cool
DaveBBitton: Austin Powers vs. Jackie Chan
Nathan: but cool isn’t worth $600 extra on a $500 item for me :P~
Nathan: heh I always liked Jackie better anyways
DaveBBitton: lol
DaveBBitton: you have to ask yourself, “Do I make you horny?”. Can the Taiwan box say that, nooooooooooo
DaveBBitton: Can Cubit, yeah baby!
Nathan: :P~ I dunno, you put some hardcore porn in a beige box and it would do it for me :P~
DaveBBitton: lmao