So, you say you want to sort your Favorites in Internet Explorer? Ok, I’ll show you how to do this in XP.

  1. You’ll want to click on the Start button, and then mouse over to Favorites.
  2. Then click on the first folder under favorites, and select “Sort by name”
  3. voila!

Now, wasn’t that easy? Oh, by the way, if you have any instances of IE open while you’re doing this, they will not update automagically. You’ll need to close every IE window, and then on the next fresh start, sorted favorites.

  • hey, just me saying hi. i knew how to do this sorting thing, but i’m sure you’re helping out a lot of people 🙂 btw, you have a typo. “automagically” actually, that sounds cool. leave it. hehe

  • You need to *right* click, and you can do this straight from Internet Explorer. Click on favorites at the top then move to an item and right click. 🙂

  • Eh, left, right, same thing! 😉

  • CP

    Thank you for the XP Window hint. For my system, I opened Internet Explorer, click on Favorites in the main menu at the top of the screen, right click on the first folder in the list of favorites, and finally click on sort by name at the bottom of the drop-down list. And my favorites were sorted.

    I’ve been fighting with dragging my many favorites for a long time; I couldn’t even find anything about sorting in HELP.

    Thanks again.


  • Anonymous

    By default the Favorite menu link is not activated. So if you can’t find it, click properties first and add the menu link to Favorites. Then do as it says in the instructions above. It works!
    Thx 🙂

  • Wade

    These sort suggestions used to work great until I upgraded to the latest Version of IE 6.0. Now the sort option no longer appears when you right click on any of the favorites’ link. Any reason why this is no longer an option? Running Windows XP Media Version.


  • Rich

    Having the same issue as Wade, difference is it happens on bothe Windows/ME and Windows/XP Home. Any suggestions woul be appreciated.

  • Ziko

    How about sorting by date? I find it more useful if i can sort my favorites so that the latest ones i added appear at the top. Anybody knows how to do that?

  • P
  • Anonymous

    I use Internet Explorer 6.0. I go into *Windows
    Explorer* and click on the /Windows/Favorites.
    You can sort the Favorites by date… It also is easy to move a bunch of Favorites at a time that way.


  • ad

    how to sort Internet Explorer Favorite Menu in type order? (meaning folders come first and then single pages) not in the favorite folder in C drive document and settings

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