So, my sales manager is a meterology buff. Anyhow, he came into my office two days ago to show me satellite pics of Isabel. To say the least, Isabel is one nasty bitch! Ok, here’s the prime media. NOAA has a site with excelent pics here. I have the first pic (large version) as my wallpaper. Needless to say, when this bitch makes landfall, she’s going to be kicking ass, and takin’ names. Thank god I don’t live below the Mason/Dixon line.

I would have to imagine that by the time she makes it to NJ, she’ll have blown most of her load over the Carolina’s. So, we get 90 mile an hour winds, and North Carolina get’s kicked in the proverbial balls. Now, we’ll have to see what really happens. The 5-Day Forecast Track puts the Carolina’s in the center of the kill zone. I hope no one plans on vacationing in the Outer Banks any time in the next decade, because it ain’t going be any place worth visiting, unless your an insurance adjuster.

Good luck!

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