The latest computer projections are showing that New Jersey may see it’s first category 2 hurrican since ’53. What does this mean? According to my sales manager, this would most likely result in widespread power outages lasting about a week. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of water to be delivered tommorow, and we’re stocking up on food and batteries.

Also, the generator should be good to go, seeing it ran for 6 hours during the blackout. I guess I’ll go to the supermarket tonigh and stock up on stuff for the fridge. People tend to wait till the last minute, and then it’s super-panic-city. As far as I’m concerned, Isabel is going to blow (pun intended)!

Now, do I schlep to the Depot or Loews and plink done for a generator of my own? Nah, fuck it, Worse comes to worse, I’ll just take the little portable jobbie we have here at the office. What;s a little 2Kw when we have 160Kw in the back?

Also, when you get a chance, checkout the data that Unisys has offer here.