I would like to let everyone know that I am now a member of the nGallery development team. Due to the lack of support for the XP Publishing Wizard in nGallery, I wasn’t ready to use it for Zane’s photo gallery. So, what is a coder to do? Code it!

Well, as you can imagine, Jason Alexander, the lead developer and chief architect of nGallery, was pleased, to say the least. Apparently, XP Publishing Wizard was on a wish list from a long time ago, but was never implemented.

The current release version of nGallery is 1.6. The next scheduled release is 1.6.1, but that is a maintenance release only. XP Publishing support will most likely make it into 1.7. That’ll be when the world will get to see my work. Since it’s now scheduled for inclusion, I have to actually marry the code into the core app. I did the work as a standalone add-in, so Jason could see it work. Now I have to write a spec doc. Maybe I should use AGTMA.