I added WAP support to AnalogousMember today. I followed a tutorial at Building a Better Wap Diary with the following exceptions:

  • I edited the link in the index template to the archive files to point to archives/wap/ folder. The link is now:

    <a href="<$MTBlogArchiveURL$>wap/<$MTEntryID pad="1"$>.wml">Read This Entry...</a>
  • The individual archive files are being saved to a wap/ folder which requires you to enter

    "wap/<$MTEntryID pad="1"$>.wml"

    for the archive filename
  • I added the following to my .htaccess file so WAP browsers will automatically be served the proper content:

    RewriteCond %{HTTP_ACCEPT} text/vnd.wap.wml
    RewriteRule ^$ /index.wml
  • Removed the hardcoded link to symbiandiares.com from the archive template and replaced it with <$MTBlogURL$>.

If you want to see this in action without using your phone, goto WapTiger WAP Emulator for a conventional browser based WAP emulator. Just enter http://www.analogousmember.com/ for the URL.

I was looking at Deklarit’s version of the .NET Pet Shop and there’s an inc\ folder under the root web app w/ ascx’s. What’s funny about that is that the concept of inc\ went away w/ asp 3.0 and included vbscript files.

As it turns out, it’s not “ModBlog” as they have it on the front of Channel9, it’s “MoBlog”, which is short for mobile blog. Anyway, I changed the name of the addin (which was a huge PIA). I need to leave the link to the GotDotNet workspace the same because I’m now linked to from Slipstick Systems (!). Can I get a w00t!

In the process of pimping ModBlogger Addin, I’m letting people know about by way of mentioning it in weblog entry comments. On the surface, someone might think that this is comment spamming. I’m not quite sure I agree (obviously, or i won’t be doing it, duh).

Since my application is free, and therefore I’m not pimping a commercial product, I don’t see how this would even be considered spam at all. Furthermore, I wrote this app for myself, and I released it to the general weblogging community so it can help them too.

I think this is sounding like I’m defending something that I’m not even accused of. So, I’ll stop.

Just so everyone doesn’t forget, Americans aren’t the only folks using the Internet (even though we did invent it). In particular, Japanese Smileys are not the same are American smileys. Check out the difference.

Thanks to Ingo Rammer for this ditty.

I was just going through the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook 2003 when I noticed something quite funny. The subject of the email was “cum like a porq actor”. Now, obviously they meant to say “porn”, but even the obsfucation of the word still was deemed spam. But that’s not what I thought was funny.

What I thought was funny was the use of the word “actor”. My guess is that “star” in the subject would be a dead giveaway for spam. Though I would have to imagine that the product being sold isn’t very good, because I’ve never seen an actor in a porno.

I would like to let everyone know that I am now a member of the nGallery development team. Due to the lack of support for the XP Publishing Wizard in nGallery, I wasn’t ready to use it for Zane’s photo gallery. So, what is a coder to do? Code it!

Well, as you can imagine, Jason Alexander, the lead developer and chief architect of nGallery, was pleased, to say the least. Apparently, XP Publishing Wizard was on a wish list from a long time ago, but was never implemented.

The current release version of nGallery is 1.6. The next scheduled release is 1.6.1, but that is a maintenance release only. XP Publishing support will most likely make it into 1.7. That’ll be when the world will get to see my work. Since it’s now scheduled for inclusion, I have to actually marry the code into the core app. I did the work as a standalone add-in, so Jason could see it work. Now I have to write a spec doc. Maybe I should use AGTMA.