From a coding perspective, I still think the browser as a viable application frame is bunk. Yes, MS has done a fine job of “stateful-izing” HTTP, but it still not a viable replacement for a Windows (WinForms to be exact) application. I have been customizing Time Tracker (an ASP.NET sample app from MS) for use in our organization. I am about to split the middle tier, and data tier components away from the UI, and recode the from in WinForms.

There are enough really good 3rd party controls available, so I can just simply plug-n-play my front end together. The logic and the business rules are all in place already. Also, the concept of tabs that the web app makes use of can be implemented way easier in WinForms. To further ease ongoing development, I can achieve real DataBinding in a WinForms app that I can’t get in ASP.NET.

Hey, not to put down ASP.NET, but I need my app to do exactly what I want it to do, and not have to settle for the idiosyncratic behavoir of a web browser. I will however continue to develop the mobile portion of the app. I plan on breaking the middle tier away using remoting. The ASP.NET app can speak to the middle tier the same way. I assume I will be using GenuineChannels for the remoting underbelly. Dmitry Belikov has done extensive work with streamlining .Net remoting for effeciency. The commercial vesion includes source and is only $99.95 (Dmitry, you should sell it for $105, people would pay it).

I’ll put up some screenshots when I’m ready.

You’re not going to beleive this but I just looked at my Amex stmt, and CI Host charged my CC for $130 on 2/11. Not only did the charge show up, it’s with a different merchant name. This is just proof that this company is a pit of snakes.

Amex has removed the charge and has sent it out for review. I’ll keep you posted.

I heard some of the most disturbing news this morning in regards to the war in Iraq. France, Germany, and Russia are metting with Kofi Annan to discuss plans for the restructure of Iraq. I could not beleive my ears.

The Axis of Weasels actually thinks that they should have a say. All they are doing is protecting their financial interests in the region. Now is the time when our president needs to show some resolves and tell them that since they failed to support the war effort, they are SOL.

I have made a conciderable effort to curb my language because I can think of numerous explitives I’d like to use.

This came to me today, so I asked a client for the original image, and I scoured Google’s image search for the headshots.

BTW, if you need help, that’s Saddam on the left, Chirac in the middle, and Schroeder on the right.

Are you aware that if your app throws an exception during deserialization, all you get is:

There is an error in XML document (2, 2)

I was getting this because I neglected to instantiate an object, but talk about some cryptic Redmond bullshit. Oh well. Wadda ya want? The Framework is free. Such is life.