The subject of Google enhancing search results for commercial customers came up tonight. This is my response:

    It is my feeling that if Google commences a plan to augment search results based upon a prior commitment with a commercial sponsor, then the entire reason that they have come to be will be destroyed, and Google will cease to exist.

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So, it’s been diagnosed as bronchitis. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had it. Dr. Williams asked me when the last time I had it, and it took until I saw a picture of the WTC before I remembered. The doctor I saw the last time was in 5 WTC.

The feeble open source developer minds at Slashdot have apparently left their fly down. I clicked into the Ballmer Wants to “Stomp Linux” Using MS community article to find a banner ad for Visual Studio .net! These guys are so blind with rage, that they don’t even realize that they are blasting and supporting MS at the same time.

My feeling toward OSS is no mystery. Thankfully Nate brought this to my attention. His reply to the original article can be found here. Also, I made sure to take a screen shot:

Slashdot Eats Crow

Yesterday consisted of waking up feeling like death warmed over. Then later, we went to Circuit City and bought a combo DVD/VCR, so I was feeling better. Once I had it hooked up, I took the old VCR and the box from the new unit downstairs.

On my way down stairs, I missed the last step and twisted my ankle pretty bad. So I cralled into bed, popped three Aleve’s and washed them down with two Yuengling Lagers. Well, that resulted in heart burn that still hurts this morning. I guess it’s true what they say about shit happening in three’s.

So this is the response I received from

****** This is an automated reply to your message to the iWon Comments
and Feedback email address. *******

We appreciate you taking the time to send us your comments and
suggestions regarding iWon. While we cannot offer a personal reply to
all the suggestions and comments we receive, we want you to know that we
value your input which has helped us build one of the most popular sites
on the Internet.

Thanks again for sharing your comments. We want you to enjoy using iWon!

iWon Member Services

I accused these people of false and deceptive advertising and all I get is an automated response?

If you’re not already familiar, is a centralized repository of open source projects. They provide source control (CVS), discussion boards, project website hosting, and a number of other development project resources. A significant number of open source projects are hosted at SourceForge.

The greatest drawback of SourceForge is its restriction against commercial projects. This, by its very nature, would violate the sacred covenant of open source projects. Therefore, faced with this dilema, where can a capitalist go, to collaborate on a development project that will actually generate revenue?

GotDotNet (which is owned and operated by Microsoft) has come to the rescue for those of use who earn our living as software developers. The service is titled GotDotNet Workspaces, and it went into beta testing on 9/16/2002. The mission statement for Workspaces reads:

GotDotNet Workspaces is an online collaborative development environment where .NET developers can create, host and manage projects throughout the project lifecycle.

GotDotNet Workspaces was brought to my attention when a workspace was created in conjunction with the #C# channel on EFNet. The channel workspace is located (which just redirects you to the workspace at GotDotNet).

Access to a given workspace requires a Passport account. Once inside, they provide source control, bug tracking, and message boards for your workspace. In addition, since the workspaces are hosted within GotDotNet, code samples, FAQ’s, and tutorials are only a click away. It’s obvious that Microsoft is making an honest effort to help their development community by providing this collaborative workspace.

A whitepaper discussing GotDotNet Workspaces can be either viewed online or downloaded now.