So I’m listening to Dick’s Picks Vol. 10, and I get to what has to be my favorite Grateful Dead tune, Eyes of The World, and I started wondering about the lyrics. A quick Google search took me to The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics: a Web Site that actually had the lyrics annotated. How awesome is that? When I hear the song, all I can think about is J. She’s the eyes of my world. It’s just shame that J will never go to a Dead show. Ooh, before I forget, I bought J a Jerry Garcia doll from Gund. Gund made only 100K of them. I found a good blurb on them at N&J Collectibles. Oh, and incase you didn’t know, our dog Jerry, um, I think you can gather where the name came from. 🙂

Ok, quiz of the day, What Jedi Are You. This is mine:

Which Jedi Knight are you? go to:the quiz!

You’re anakin. Congratulations.
You are the one who is destined to
bring balance to the force, Whatever the hell that means. Until
that time comes, however, you’re happy
just being a really annoying and angsty teenager. Yeah, you might
end up being all kinds of awesome
once you’re Darth Vader, but just cool it for now- you’re likely
to make many more enemies being the
shithole Hayden Christiansen portrays you as.

BTW, don’t blame me, that was generated HTML from the quiz site.