T-Shirt Hell: t-shirts, shirts, funny t-shirts, funny shirts. They have some of the funniest t-shirts on the net. They even have a t-shirt idea contest (don’t worry, I submitted one ;). Also, while you’re there, checkout their “whores” page.
FYI: this site is rated R. Some of the “whores” pics are not safe for family viewing. There is one pic of a baby wearing one of their tshirts, that truely had me RTFLMAO! Enjoy.

I’ve started my first composite control in ASP.NET. I can’t take full credit; I’m reverse engineering a control that Artificer (Andy Smith) coded entitled DualList. I’m using a slightly different paradigm. He thinks I’m going in the wrong direction, but I’d like to see it for myself.

Ok, so the next item on tonight’s agenda is an observation I made this morning on my way back from the chiropractor (who also is my 1st cousin Jay). Never has there been a line is a song more truthful than the following:

…and in the end, the love you take, is equal to love you make.

Yes yes yes, cheeseball alert light is definately flashing, but it’s true.

Now, on to more important things. I don’t think I shared, but 7/10 was J’s 2nd birthday. I can’t beleive how time flies. We had her party last Saturday at Abma’s Farm. This was a ton of fun. Lots of animals, cake, and comradery! I can’t wait till the next party, which so happens to be J’s cousin Rachel’s 1st b-day. That’s going to be a pool party at my sister’s house. Wait’ll Mom sees the tattoo! Who nelly!

Ok, sounds like Meg is done with her massage. Night.