I can now officially say that the DataSet can kiss my lilly white ass! I have just successfully data bound a custom collection that contains objects that have a property containing another collection. All collection classes derive from CollectionBase, and implements IBindingList. The individual objects implement IEditableObject. This also now makes the design pattern I’m using ready for primetime.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle DataBinding in WinForms apps w/o a DataSet. Guess what? I can. Anyway, I followed this example at MSDN, Windows Forms Data Binding and Objects. It’s a caugh VB.NET caugh example, but I was able to extrapolate what I needed.

The only thing left was how to setup the DataGrid. I set the DataSource to the parent object collection:

ABADataGrid.DataSource = banks;
ABADataGrid.DataMember = "ABAs";

and the DataMember is the property name on a individual parent object, Bank, that contains the collection of child elements. This wound up working like a charm. The hierarchy is as follows:


Some other resources consulted where:

HOWTO: implement IBindingList in Winforms
HOWTO: implement IListSource in Winforms v2

So, needless to say, I’m quite happy. See ya later DataSet!

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Folks, it’s official, Outlook no longer sucks. First off, rules finally work right (can anyone say “Mailing Lists”?). Also, group by conversation actually creates a threaded discussion a la mutt. Also, you can define favorite folders and they are displayed in a seperate window. There are so many improvements, but those are the two biggest gripes that I had with the previous versions.

Also, it’s truly amazing how much Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access 2003 look and function alike. Spooky.

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The latest computer projections are showing that New Jersey may see it’s first category 2 hurrican since ’53. What does this mean? According to my sales manager, this would most likely result in widespread power outages lasting about a week. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of water to be delivered tommorow, and we’re stocking up on food and batteries.

Also, the generator should be good to go, seeing it ran for 6 hours during the blackout. I guess I’ll go to the supermarket tonigh and stock up on stuff for the fridge. People tend to wait till the last minute, and then it’s super-panic-city. As far as I’m concerned, Isabel is going to blow (pun intended)!

Now, do I schlep to the Depot or Loews and plink done for a generator of my own? Nah, fuck it, Worse comes to worse, I’ll just take the little portable jobbie we have here at the office. What;s a little 2Kw when we have 160Kw in the back?

Also, when you get a chance, checkout the data that Unisys has offer here.

So, my sales manager is a meterology buff. Anyhow, he came into my office two days ago to show me satellite pics of Isabel. To say the least, Isabel is one nasty bitch! Ok, here’s the prime media. NOAA has a site with excelent pics here. I have the first pic (large version) as my wallpaper. Needless to say, when this bitch makes landfall, she’s going to be kicking ass, and takin’ names. Thank god I don’t live below the Mason/Dixon line.

I would have to imagine that by the time she makes it to NJ, she’ll have blown most of her load over the Carolina’s. So, we get 90 mile an hour winds, and North Carolina get’s kicked in the proverbial balls. Now, we’ll have to see what really happens. The 5-Day Forecast Track puts the Carolina’s in the center of the kill zone. I hope no one plans on vacationing in the Outer Banks any time in the next decade, because it ain’t going be any place worth visiting, unless your an insurance adjuster.

Good luck!

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