Nate just ICQ’ed me a link, the Which Future For Ground Zero petition. Simply put, it’s a plea to all authorities having jurisdiction over the redesign of the WTC. As the Trade Towers were a former part of the view from my home, their redesign is very important to myself and my family. In addition, having seen the north tower collapse with my own eyes while I fled the city on a ferry to New Jersey, to see that reversed is something I dream about regularly ( it gives me chills just thinking about it ).

Even if you’re not from NY/NJ, please sign the petition. What it calls for is an open design competition. A quote from the petition is “The only mechanism in existence for obtaining a truly momentous design for Ground Zero commensurate with the site’s significance to world history is an open design competition for designing Ground Zero in its entirety. ” Please visit the Which Future For Ground Zero petition and show your support.