I’ve got a serious jones for toys! I must get some wireless LAN action goin’ on so I can make use of the Jornada my dad gave me last holiday season. I was going to follow an article I saw on a remote control app for an mp3 player, in Java. Also, I figure I’ll wip up a Linux 802.11 Access Point too.

Also, I had a hankering for a new Linux box w/ an ATA RAID setup. I’m getting some moldy hardware from my dad, which is fine for Linux :). His tech guy says they have plenty of 1.6GB drives lying around. The 3ware 7000 series ATA RAID card is around $300, but I can get RAID 5 across four IDE drives. Certainly a savings over SCSI, and since I have no mission critical apps running in the garage, what’s a little ATA RAID going to do?

Oh, so my biggest prob is the fact that I _must_ replace my desktop. Yes, mattingly did get a needed memory improvement, but it is sorely lacking HD space, and proc speed. It ain’t even 1GHz (cue laughter). Ooh, before I forget, my boss said he was given the OK to buy me a new machine. Now, before I go yelling Bling! Bling!, he’s still vacelating on the dual flat panel config. Whatever for, I have no idea \o/. So, thanks to Nate, I’m throwing every reason why you would want that at him. Wish me luck.

I ripped a bunch of new CD’s over the last wk or so. Drop me a line, and I’ll clue ya in as to where you can browse the cache ;). So, what else? J’s awesome. Meg has a sinus headache, bummer.

Tyson gave me the name of a tattoo artist, and I spoke with him Saturday night. He works nights at a place on 6th Ave btw 3rd and 4th (next to the Taco Bell). Todd Vargas, the tattoo guy, works from 8p to 2a (4a on the wkends), so Meg and I are going to go next Saturday night. It’s going to be J’s name, but stylilistic suggestions are always welcome. I saw a picture of Todd showing off a tat he did on Busta Rhymes, so he must be good.

–end drivel