I just noticed that my last post was on June 16th! That is abysmal. So much has happened since then. Ok, for one, the most popular page on the entire site, CI Host Sucks, has had its comments removed. So, what is this all about? I’ll tell you.

Christopher Faulkner, the CEO of CI Host, sent me the following:

Dear Mr. Britton,

This electronic mail message serves as notice that the postings contained on
this url http://www.analogousmember.com/archives/000213.html are completely
untrue and very defamatory to C I Host, Inc. and myself personally. They are
libelous and damaging to my own good name and the corporation’s image. We
will seek injunctive relief as well as damages here in Tarrant County Texas
courts if the postings and ALL links to them are not removed immediately
from the public sector.

You do not have the same privilege as a news agency or press journalist.
Individuals must VERIFY facts as being true before you post them for the
public to read. You did not verify ANY of these facts before posting them
nor do you have any personal knowledge that ANY of these facts are true. I
am telling you now that NONE of them are true and this is all the notice I
am required to give you. Damages are already calculable and will escalate
EVERY DAY these postings remain live on the Internet. Remove them now or
face litigation here in Texas.

Thank you again for your prompt attention into this matter.

Warmest regards,

Christopher Faulkner
C I Host

This came after I told him that I would have to speak with my attorney in regards to his legal right to request the page be removed. Based upon the content of the comments, my attorney and I decided that we did not need to become another one of Chris’s problems. Therefore, though as exciting to read as they were, I removed the comments, and locked the post.

I have convinced myself that this is not conceding defeat to Mr. Faulkner, but in turn it is showing prudence when it comes to picking one’s battles. On that note, it appeared to me last night that CodeNoEvil.com was the site of an ugly battle of its own. The site was hacked by individuals claiming to be from “Brazil”. Anyhow, because of my own lazyness, I failed to update the version of PHPNuke I was using, and sure as shit, I got hit. I should have learned with Slammer, that the fix often comes before the attack. By the way, it’s now on version 6.5.

June 16th to the 18th, I attended CeBIT america. The first two days I participated in the IT Executive Conference Program. This was probably one of the best things I could have done. I sat through a number of courses pertaining to security. Enough so, that I think I need to heed the suggestion made to me 7 years ago to parlay our security experience into IT. Maybe now is the time to do it. I would have to imagine that the easiest way to go about this is to purchase an existing firm in New Jersey.

One other thing I learned the first two days is what it takes to be a real CEO. Perhaps Mr. Faulkner could take some lessons for these two gentlemen. I first keynote address was given by Michael Capellas, CEO of MCI. Ok, this guy was good, but he truely could not hold a candle to the second day’s keynote presenter. The 2nd day speech was Craig Conway of PeopleSoft. By the time he was done, he had me so motivated, that I kept asking myself whether or not my father had signed the Navision contracts. I also felt the urge to shout “Amen” back at him several times.

The power to motivate is the key to success. There is no doubt about it. So the guy has good ideas, so what? If he’s unable to motivate his team to cary those ideas to fruition, than they are not even worth the paper they are written on. I’d like to think that I have some of those qualities, but show me what seminars to attend, classes to study for, degress to obtain, and I’m there.

As for the exhibits; much better than PCExpo last year. What was the coolest thing I saw? Had to be this simple keyboard for Jordyn. The link is for a reseller, not the manufacturer. Also, AG Neovo has some mighty slick flat panels. Particularly, the X-174. That was some picture.

Finally, Meg and I purchase a Sony DCR-PC120BT Mini DV digital camcorder and a PYRO PlatinumDV firewire card package. The only problem I’m having is that after capturing a minute or so of video, my machine locks up and I need the power button to reset it. I’ll let you know how that turns out.