We went up to Meg’s folk’s house in CT Friday night. We were true to our heritage and started our journey at sun down. We figured that if we got in the car when it was time for J to go to sleep, she’d fall asleep on the way, and then all we’d have to do is drop her in the crib when we got there.

Most of the plan worked, up until Meg put her into the crib. There was a bit of crying (well, a lot more than a bit 🙂 ), but she eventually when down. The best part of the following day is that I was able to get up at 8 and then go back to sleep for family nap time at 9:30, and then sleep past Meg, Meg’s mom, and J leaving. I got out of bed at 1:00pm. I haven’t done that since college. I kept lying in bed think I had something to do.

While out, Meg picked me up an “Italian Stallion”. The Italian Stallion is a most excellent Italian sub from The Bridgewater Country Store. So I gobbled down my sandwich watching the Mets v. Yankees Game. Shawn Estes lame attempt of beaning the Rocket was truley pathetic. Unfortunately the Bronx Bombers fell eight to nothing. Hey, there’s always tommorow.

We followed the same theory for baby transport for the ride home. This time it worked like a charm. My guess is that it she was in her own crib this time and not grandma’s. 🙂