I went my cousin Cara’s wedding last night. It was great. Meg felt it was done with a lot of class. Good food, beautiful flowers, etc. Oh, and Michele got faced, suprise!

I also decided last night that I don’t have time to be angry with my mom. I’d much rather spend my time thinking about my family (and my weblog, a little). 🙂

IMHO, Sammy Hagar is a fag. Of course you can’t drive 55. No one can drive 55 when they have a guy in their ass! The era of Van Hagar was an embarrasement for all of rock&roll. I do have to admit I saw them live (as Van Hagar), but hey, I didn’t have to like it!

Come on Dave, come back!

So, I attended PCExpo today. It was OK. Nothing to spectacular. I did get a chance to see a Lian-Li PC60 enclosure up close and personal. Very nice, Steve L. Sussman was right. Oh, also, I saw an LCD monitor from Eizo (the old Nanao), the L465. This baby was sweet. The ViewSonic VG171 was nice too.

Nate and Andy, the guy from Eizo told me to go Matrox G550 for dual head. He did also mention Appian for dual head and quad head cards.

Oh, and sorry, I forgot to take my camera.