I’m on a hunt for a cool Outlook style button bar for my new .NET app. DevPower has one, but it has a weird bug. When I add items to a group, it clears the definition of the groups from the code. The groups show up in the code when I add them, but as soon as I add an item to a group, poof goes the code. Oh well, the next ver. is coming out soon.

Well, I installed the memory in my machine. It seems faster. I haven’t opened a lot of apps yet to see if and when it will slow down. Myabe I’ll open one the many Java IDE’s I’ve d/l’ed. They are all memory hogs. 🙂

Man, just when you think you see the light… I told my boss on Friday that I’m busier now that the product is in production then when we were trying to get it there. Oh well. I’m looking at a laundry list of things to do, but when I’m finished, I get to start working on our Imaging Server. This is going to sweet. I just hope I make it there before the next millennium.

Celebrity Sighting: Tyson Beckford — Super Model

Allow me to let you in on a little secret; he lives across the street. I speak to and/or see him every day. He’s actually a really nice guy. I didn’t know what to expect when he first moved in, being a celebrity and all. But tonight we had a little incident, his dog, Blood, an American Pit Bull Terrier, barked enough that it woke J.

We had such a great day with J. We started a new ritual. Napping when she wants, not when we want. The funniest this was when she fell asleep eating a wagon wheel. I equated this the to falling asleep at the wheel. We went out for breakfast, and had lunch at home. We also logged some pool time later in the afternoon. We all came back from the pool and crashed. I think J, Meg, and I all slept for at least an hour and a half to two hours. The pool has the ability to suck all life from you.

Tommorow is back to the office. Wednesday should be fun. I’ll be attending PCExpo. I think I’ll make the final decision in regards to the components I put in my new machine. I’ll bring back pictures. 🙂

Damn. I feel naughty that I haven’t blogged in two days. Work has been super busy. If this gives you any indication, last Friday I asked a friend if the follow day was Saturday. I had no idea!

My folks bought J a Kettler Air Happy Tricycle for her birthday (it’s in less than a month). Damn, this thing is built like our Mercedes. Granted they’re both German (even tough our car was assembled by Mercedes-Benz U.S. in Alabama). Anyway, this thing is awesome. We also installed the safety strap and push bar so we can use it before she can actually ride it.