I even amazed myself at the amount of time I spent last night trying to decide which DRAM manufacturer to buy, and then where to buy it. I settled with Kingston and I bought it from www.newegg.com. $45 for 256MB PC100 (ok, stop laughing).

Also, case you ever wanted to read about Namespaces in XML, have at it: Namespaces in XML

Well, I made to the company party tonight just in time to have a beer and run out the door. I wanted to get home before J went to sleep. I made it with about 10 minutes to spare!

Ya know what I really hate? People (other parents) keep telling me that I’ll hate the next stage, what ever it may be, that J is about to enter. For example, I was told that I would hate it when she crawls. Ya know what? I fuckin’ love it! The funniest thing is when we put her down in floor in morning and she scampers off to the kitchen. If J makes it there before we have a chance to pickup the cat’s food, she puts it into hyper-drive. This kid’s never going to walk if she keeps crawling like this.

It gets funnier. When Meg or myself makes it into the kitchen after her, she jumps back from bowl. She knows it’s a “no”, but hey, she’s only 11 mos., so she’s going to push the envelope. I can’t wait for walking!

I am working on a pretty big project here at the office. I’m creating a static HTML demo version of our application. This is not the easiest task I’ve been given since I started with Banklink. There is so much server side dynamic processing, that is some instances, a single ASP page has resulted in the creating of 4 HTML pages. To make the process of capturing the pages as smooth as possible, I’m using client side JavaScript to handle browser redirection. Let me give you an example.

Image we have a page, foo.asp that could be rendered four different ways. The determining factor as to how the page in rendered is based on a querystring value, ‘type’. The first obstacle I had to overcome was how to direct the browser to the correct version of foo.asp. So, I changed the calling page link from foo.asp to foo.htm, but kept the querystring values. Then I created a new HTML page called foo.htm. This page is responsible for redirecting the browser to the proper HTML page. Next, I saved each version of foo.asp as foo.ver1.htm, etc.

Inside foo.htm I us a helper function to parse the querystring client side. The querystring is a property of the window.location object, window.location.search ( ask my buddy Mark Andreason why it’s ‘search’ and not ‘querystring’, asshole! ). So, this is what’s in foo.htm

<script language="javascript">
 var type = QueryString("type");

 switch (type)
  case "A":
   url += '.ver1.htm';
  case "P":
   url += '.ver2.htm';
  case "I":
   url += '.ver3.htm';
  case "X":
   url += '.ver4.htm';

 window.navigate( '/html/' + url );


and this allows for pseudo-redirection so the demo user has the impression that they’re looking at dynamic content.

Of course, this project was due the day before it was assigned, so I’m a wee bit busy today. Gotta go! 🙂

Damn, it actually pays to read the volumes of mailing list mail I get. MS has released a tech preview of the ASP.NET Web Matrix. This is soooo cool. Any ASP.NET developer must check this out. Cheers!

I mentioned the other day that I started to use Spam Assassin and now I’m not getting any email! So I posted to that effect to the Spam Assassin mailing list. So this is a cartoon that someone came up with. Check it out.

So, I though it’d be cool to ping weblogs.com every time I rant. Let’s see how well this goes. Oh, BTW, in my commentary following Saturday’s Mets v. Yankees games, I guess there wasn’t a tommorow. Oh well.

I just asked my boss for a Herman Miller Aeron chair. Do you think that’s too presumptions of me? I have one on my desk at home. Meg bought it for me for our anniversary two yrs ago. I recommend one to everyone.