Meg just AIM’ed me and mentioned that I have a link to pr0n on AM, and that’s against the rules. So, I proceeded to the admin section to apply an edit. This is where it became grossly apparent to me that Meg isn’t the only one who reads AM.

The comments are starting to come in. I’ve selected a few blogs to share:

C I Host sucks!

Lotsa stuff, little time.

Obnoxious Mothers Unite!

I’m so psyched that not only is my weblog being read, but it actually insites a reaction. How cool is that?

DaveBBitton: micro ATX?
Nathan: oui
Nathan: I would have ordered my new system in that, except I want 2 drives
DaveBBitton: looks to asian
DaveBBitton: crappy asian
Nathan: :P~
DaveBBitton: the Cubit is European Style baby!
DaveBBitton: Yeah Baby!
Nathan: it’s cool
DaveBBitton: Austin Powers vs. Jackie Chan
Nathan: but cool isn’t worth $600 extra on a $500 item for me :P~
Nathan: heh I always liked Jackie better anyways
DaveBBitton: lol
DaveBBitton: you have to ask yourself, “Do I make you horny?”. Can the Taiwan box say that, nooooooooooo
DaveBBitton: Can Cubit, yeah baby!
Nathan: :P~ I dunno, you put some hardcore porn in a beige box and it would do it for me :P~
DaveBBitton: lmao

You’re not going to believe this! I was interviewed by Bob Ivry of the The Record. On what topic? Weblogs! W00t! He even asked me if he could send someone by to take my picture. He did say he wanted to talk to other people, but hey, he spoke to me.

Bob found AnalogousMember on the Eaton Web Portal, and sent me an email (see Contact section to left). I phoned him almost as soon as I saw the email. It was pretty cool to say the least.

Funny thing though, he asked me what AnalogousMember meant. Um, do I spill the beans? Ok, real quick, men and women have a member of their respective anatomies that are analogous in nature, hence an analogous member. I thought I could use it for a pr0n site, but I never got to it. When I started blogging, I knew I needed a nonsensical name, and AM fit the bill. (Bob, did you get that?)

Oh, BTW, I start me new old job tommorow. Yes, that was not a typo. I’m going back to work for my dad. Yep, I’m goin’ back. We hammered alot out and I hope it’ll work better this time. We have two major projects to complete first, and then I turn my attention to the staff. He has a good group of people, but they fall far short of expectations, and this needs severe attention. I’ll let you know how things go.

So, check this:

[21:39] <DrFooMod2> gonzalo: is there a codebehind sample? if not, can it be mine? ;)
[21:41] <gonzalo> yeah!
[21:41] <gonzalo> I will add it.
[21:41] <gonzalo> :)
[21:42] <DrFooMod2> tx
[21:44] <DrFooMod2> gonzalo: work, tx for the weekend hookup!
[21:45] <gonzalo> thanks to you. I'm really glad to have windows people using and test it under mono.

Like I said the other day, I want everyone coding in .net, and if mono gets us there, rave on!