I c&p’ed the stats page:

Search Query Report

Listing queries, sorted by the number of requests.

reqs: search term
----: -----------
   2: sybermoms
   2: mono codebehind
   1: best invention
   1: it was 1987! at a lecture the other day they were playing an old news
   1: aquaforce flush
   1: iran contra hearings oliver north testimony
   1: google tool bar silent install
   1: aim window
   1: twisted ankle
   1: old computer pics
   1: oliver north and family
   1: ci host
   1: visual studio net xp theme add in
   1: lego silver champion project
   1: ci host sucks
   1: what's wrong with reality tv
   1: hardcore jpg archives

Search Word Report

Listing the top 30 query words by the number of requests, sorted
by the number of requests.

reqs: search term
----: -----------
   2: oliver
   2: codebehind
   2: host
   2: old
   2: sybermoms
   2: mono
   2: north
   2: ci
   1: was
   1: best
   1: day
   1: install
   1: sucks
   1: tv
   1: other
   1: lego
   1: computer
   1: hardcore
   1: with
   1: pics
   1: add
   1: in
   1: it
   1: xp
   1: flush
   1: google
   1: what's
   1: family
   1: were
   1: project
  33: [not listed: 33 search terms]

It’s very interesting what people enter into the SE’s to come here. I’m always amazed, to be honest. Particularly the continued flame going on in response to my Sybermoms post.

I heard some of the most disturbing news this morning in regards to the war in Iraq. France, Germany, and Russia are metting with Kofi Annan to discuss plans for the restructure of Iraq. I could not beleive my ears.

The Axis of Weasels actually thinks that they should have a say. All they are doing is protecting their financial interests in the region. Now is the time when our president needs to show some resolves and tell them that since they failed to support the war effort, they are SOL.

I have made a conciderable effort to curb my language because I can think of numerous explitives I’d like to use.