I have always though that VoIP and SIP were the shit. Furthermore, Bluetooth has been known to hold my attention for long periods of time (20 minutes). Now, I have experienced the ultimate convergance of divergences! It’s call Free World Dialup (FWD).

Ok, first, I installed a Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle. Then I paired up my Sony/Ericsson HBH-30 wireless Bluetooth headset. Now I can use the headset like a wired headset on my PC (or desktop speakers and a mic). The next step was to have a reason to talk on the headset.

Nate clued me into FWD. After a few minutes, I was SIP’ing my way around the net (well, to the test # at FWD) via Windows Messenger. FWD gives you a .reg file that sets up Windows Messenger to use them as the SIP proxy for phone calls. I attempted to install Xten X-Lite, but it didn’t work. Oh well.

Now, all I need is people to talk to. If anyone gets up and running with FWD, I’m 249395.