I was just going through the Junk E-mail folder in Outlook 2003 when I noticed something quite funny. The subject of the email was “cum like a porq actor”. Now, obviously they meant to say “porn”, but even the obsfucation of the word still was deemed spam. But that’s not what I thought was funny.

What I thought was funny was the use of the word “actor”. My guess is that “star” in the subject would be a dead giveaway for spam. Though I would have to imagine that the product being sold isn’t very good, because I’ve never seen an actor in a porno.

I would like to let everyone know that I am now a member of the nGallery development team. Due to the lack of support for the XP Publishing Wizard in nGallery, I wasn’t ready to use it for Zane’s photo gallery. So, what is a coder to do? Code it!

Well, as you can imagine, Jason Alexander, the lead developer and chief architect of nGallery, was pleased, to say the least. Apparently, XP Publishing Wizard was on a wish list from a long time ago, but was never implemented.

The current release version of nGallery is 1.6. The next scheduled release is 1.6.1, but that is a maintenance release only. XP Publishing support will most likely make it into 1.7. That’ll be when the world will get to see my work. Since it’s now scheduled for inclusion, I have to actually marry the code into the core app. I did the work as a standalone add-in, so Jason could see it work. Now I have to write a spec doc. Maybe I should use AGTMA.

What do you get when you mix a 2 year old, a wad of toilet paper, and a toilet that sticks? Well, if you ask my Allstate agent, it’s about $6000 in claims.

Jordyn finished up on the potty and decided that she was going to wipe by herself, and not wait for either Mom or myself to come and help her. Unbeknownst to me, J loaded that sucker up with quite a bit of paper. Anyhow, we were about to go out so Meg and J could get their nails done for our trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas(!); we were leaving the following morning.

We get home, and I was on the phone with my dad in the car, so Meg and Jordyn jumped out while I finished up the call. All of a sudden I hear her screaming. So I jump out of the car to find water pouring out from under the terrace, and from the ceiling in the garage. I knew almost immediately what was the cause of the flood.

I run upstair and quickly and turned off the toilet, which at least stopped more water from coming out. Now that we stopped the water, the cleanup seemed unsurmountable. Thank god K. Hovnanian builds a pretty shitty house because the floor was tipped slighty toward the back of the house. This was a blessing in disguise because it saved both the living room and the basement. The basement would have been a hightmare, not to mention a very moist Dell workstation.

As soon as I could, I ran back outside and called my dad and had him come over right away to help. He then placed a call to a customer of ours in the restoration business, Gemini Restoration of Union, NJ. Let me tell you, these guys kicked ass. They showed up in no time flat, and proceded to remove the carpet from both bedrooms, and suck up all the water. They also took down a large section of the ceiling in the garage to let the balance of the water out.

If you are wondering where Jordyn is during all of this, Meg ran her up to Maritza’s apartment for safe keeping. Thank God at the time that we were able to drop her there. Once my folks showed up, we ordered some pizza, and started to remove the good from the floor of each bedroom’s closets. We had alot of soggy shoes, etc.

The cleanup went on until about midnight (?), and we brought J back to the condo. Um, remember why we went out in the 1st place? Yep, to add insult to injury, we had a livery car coming at 6AM to take us to Newark Airport. I kept reassuring Meg that we would still go away, and in fact we did. No sense in staying home watching the house dry. To bad the weather in the Bahamas sucked. Oh well, it still wasn’t West New York.

One of the points of having a weblog is filling it with pertinent information regarding one’s life and daily activities. The problem is that everytime I want to sit down and write, it’s almost like my mind/hands shutdown and the fealing goes away. It’s now April and I haven’t posted anything of any substance since last October (at best).

Would it be weird, or simply not make sense to post in retrospect? There’s been soooo many changes and it’s about time to get AnalogousMember back on track. Today’s date is 4/22/2004. I’m going to post a number of articles after this one as if they had just happened. Let’s see how the experiment goes.

I have started a Wiki at agtma.com. The wiki is running FlexWiki, which was originally an internal Microsoft project, but is now been released to the civilian population. The domain name is WAP friendly. If you look, it’s the first letter on each of the following keys on your cellphone: 2-4-8-6-2. Furthermore, it’s in a pattern, so it’s easy to remember.

I encourage coders and lay people to contribute. Thanks.