So, do you ever unplug your Cisco router, move it, plug everything back in, and then spend a few hours wondering why stuff doesn’t work? Then, sit through another Sanjaya performance (complete with Mohawk), only to have an epiphany? I must have forgotten to save my last changes to the router prior to depowering it! Well, fortunately when I made the last change, I backed up my show run to an FTP server (I just forgot the wr mem). Turns out my backup had a small error in the voice-port configuration, but a quick fix and voila! The door phone now rings down a CO port on my KSU. J

Is this guy really that popular? Are kids like Crying Girl voting for this freak? While I am an avid watcher of Idol, and have been so for years, Im at a lost. This can not be the sole doing of Dave at VFTW, or Indian call-centers. I think that people really do like him. Come on America, wake up and kill this fuzzy haired anoma ly once and for all. Because rest assured, if this guy does win, that will be the end of Idol. Whether we like it or not.