Free World Dialup has set me up with voicemail. So, if you want to speak your mind, and don’t feel comfortable speaking with me, call me at 249395 (that’s my FWD number), and leave a message. I hope to hear from everyone soon.

I have always though that VoIP and SIP were the shit. Furthermore, Bluetooth has been known to hold my attention for long periods of time (20 minutes). Now, I have experienced the ultimate convergance of divergences! It’s call Free World Dialup (FWD).

Ok, first, I installed a Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle. Then I paired up my Sony/Ericsson HBH-30 wireless Bluetooth headset. Now I can use the headset like a wired headset on my PC (or desktop speakers and a mic). The next step was to have a reason to talk on the headset.

Nate clued me into FWD. After a few minutes, I was SIP’ing my way around the net (well, to the test # at FWD) via Windows Messenger. FWD gives you a .reg file that sets up Windows Messenger to use them as the SIP proxy for phone calls. I attempted to install Xten X-Lite, but it didn’t work. Oh well.

Now, all I need is people to talk to. If anyone gets up and running with FWD, I’m 249395.

I was Google’ing “Weapon of Choice” when I came across a stick figure version of the video. Seeing that I only saw a small clip of the video before, I didn’t realize how close to the original the flash animation was. The animation was designed by Gareth Norman, who is best known for his Stick Figure Ninja. Furthermore, I have always been a fan of good Flash animation. Gotta love this shit.

I think it is presumptious at best that a software title would put their icon on your desktop without asking. Further, I even have a problem when it is the default when the choice is actually given to you.

We ordered J a My Twinn baby on Septmeber 6, 2003. I would ceratinly think that they would have enough time to deliver it by the holidays. So, no doll by Thanksgiving. I call. I am informed that the company no longer makes their dolls in Denver, but in China. Um, ok. J’s doll was shipped regular mail on November 19, 2003 from China, and should take 6-10 business days to arrive. Ok, now, I’m no authority on the postal service, but it can take 6 days for an envelope to get to the other side of town. I’m not believing the very apologetic lady on the other end of the phone, but I am assuming that it will arrive by mid December. Second week in December arrives, no doll. I call and sit on hold, no one ever answers. I tell David that at this point, I am sure that we will never see the doll and I need to call the credit card company. I am also sure that the company is done. This morning I go to the site and read their heartfelt letter.

So, yes, it appears they are done. It also appears that they are liars. In a news release they state that all orders received by December 7th will be received by the holidays. Yeah, right, our September 6 order has yet to arrive. They blame their downfall on September 11th. This is the 3rd holiday season since then. They moved their facilities overseas. But, the problem is September 11th?

I want my kids fucking doll.