In defference to my buddy Branille, I’m neither dead, nor have I abandonded AM. I have been doing consulting work for my former employer, BANKLINK. Do to short deadlines and an under-defined app, I was up late. Once till 4:30AM.

Now I am getting some well deserved rest, not to mention catching up on my reading. Next step is to write the accompanying documentation, belch! I just hope they don’t hold-up payment for the docs.

In case the search puppy in Windows XP annoys you as much as it does myself, I have a quick and dirty way to lop off its perverbial balls. Here goes:

  1. Bring up a search window. Quickest way to do this hit the the WindowsKey and the letter F at the same time.
  2. Next, click the Change preferences link.
  3. Now, click the Change files and folders search behavior.
  4. Select the Advanced radio button (the bottom one), and click OK.

As you can see, you’ll have the good ‘ole Win2k search dialog. If you want to completely obliterate the puppy altogether, just right click him and select Turn off the animated character. W00f.

I can now officially say that the DataSet can kiss my lilly white ass! I have just successfully data bound a custom collection that contains objects that have a property containing another collection. All collection classes derive from CollectionBase, and implements IBindingList. The individual objects implement IEditableObject. This also now makes the design pattern I’m using ready for primetime.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle DataBinding in WinForms apps w/o a DataSet. Guess what? I can. Anyway, I followed this example at MSDN, Windows Forms Data Binding and Objects. It’s a caugh VB.NET caugh example, but I was able to extrapolate what I needed.

The only thing left was how to setup the DataGrid. I set the DataSource to the parent object collection:

ABADataGrid.DataSource = banks;
ABADataGrid.DataMember = "ABAs";

and the DataMember is the property name on a individual parent object, Bank, that contains the collection of child elements. This wound up working like a charm. The hierarchy is as follows:


Some other resources consulted where:

HOWTO: implement IBindingList in Winforms
HOWTO: implement IListSource in Winforms v2

So, needless to say, I’m quite happy. See ya later DataSet!

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Folks, it’s official, Outlook no longer sucks. First off, rules finally work right (can anyone say “Mailing Lists”?). Also, group by conversation actually creates a threaded discussion a la mutt. Also, you can define favorite folders and they are displayed in a seperate window. There are so many improvements, but those are the two biggest gripes that I had with the previous versions.

Also, it’s truly amazing how much Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access 2003 look and function alike. Spooky.

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