The latest computer projections are showing that New Jersey may see it’s first category 2 hurrican since ’53. What does this mean? According to my sales manager, this would most likely result in widespread power outages lasting about a week. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of water to be delivered tommorow, and we’re stocking up on food and batteries.

Also, the generator should be good to go, seeing it ran for 6 hours during the blackout. I guess I’ll go to the supermarket tonigh and stock up on stuff for the fridge. People tend to wait till the last minute, and then it’s super-panic-city. As far as I’m concerned, Isabel is going to blow (pun intended)!

Now, do I schlep to the Depot or Loews and plink done for a generator of my own? Nah, fuck it, Worse comes to worse, I’ll just take the little portable jobbie we have here at the office. What;s a little 2Kw when we have 160Kw in the back?

Also, when you get a chance, checkout the data that Unisys has offer here.

So, my sales manager is a meterology buff. Anyhow, he came into my office two days ago to show me satellite pics of Isabel. To say the least, Isabel is one nasty bitch! Ok, here’s the prime media. NOAA has a site with excelent pics here. I have the first pic (large version) as my wallpaper. Needless to say, when this bitch makes landfall, she’s going to be kicking ass, and takin’ names. Thank god I don’t live below the Mason/Dixon line.

I would have to imagine that by the time she makes it to NJ, she’ll have blown most of her load over the Carolina’s. So, we get 90 mile an hour winds, and North Carolina get’s kicked in the proverbial balls. Now, we’ll have to see what really happens. The 5-Day Forecast Track puts the Carolina’s in the center of the kill zone. I hope no one plans on vacationing in the Outer Banks any time in the next decade, because it ain’t going be any place worth visiting, unless your an insurance adjuster.

Good luck!

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Thanks to the folks at the Rhode Island Cancer Council, we now have a way to feel better about eating a Whopper. Check out their
Fast Food Facts: Tips to reduce health risks associated with Fast Food. I personally liked the nutritional information (yes, there actually is nutrition in a Whopper) at the bottom of the page. BTW, lately I have been a Taco Bell junky. I get the #1.

Also, while you’re at the Taco Bell site, checkout their take on the California Recall Election. It’s very funny.

Next time you write a worm, perhaps you may want to ommit the address of the website you run from your bedroom from the code! Jeffrey Lee Parson must have been absent the day they taught that. His variant of Blaster, Blaster.B phoned home, literally. This led investigators to his front door. I hope that the courts throw the books at this idiotic moron ($250,000 fine and 10 years in a 6 X 9). Also, based on this looser’s pic, it appears as if his only other way of gaining noteriety, would have been a donut eating contest.

I have been (re)working the Time Tracker sample app for some time now. I want to move the app to a WinForms app and I have been looking at the TaskVision sample app for ideas. I personally do not care for its use of web services, and I am partial to remoting. I also want to make use of the Microsoft Data Access Application Block.

I was wondering if anyone had a good sample of a solid UI/Business Rules/Data Access n-tier architecture that makes use of the app block and is in use in a WinForms app. Thanks.

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So, after surving the Black-Out of 2003, I packed up the family and headed south. We just got back from spending a week on Long Beach Island, NJ. I have to say we had an awesome time. I’m a little tired to go into details now. We have video and pics on the way.

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